Forget Cyber Bullying — San Ramon Valley High Teens Use Facebook to Be Nice to One Another

The SRV Compliments page is rapidly attracting followers with its feel good shout outs for the San Ramon Valley school community.

A new Facebook page sharing good Karma with the San Ramon Valley school community is going viral, attracting more than 400 positive messages in just a few days.

The page, which was started on April 29 by two anonymous do-gooders, is a social media spot for San Ramon Valley students to post compliments about others. The page already had 389 likes as of Tuesday evening.

Here is a sampling of some of the compliments posted so far:
#1: Everyone at this school is so open to listening to problems and giving great advice about everything! You all rock!

#35: alicia dias may be the single funniest person at this school

#127 Chelsea Roberts is the most amazingly wonderful and caring girl I've ever had the pleasure of getting to meet and know and love. She's so sweet and anyone who gets to meet her is blessed beyond measure! She's a gift to the earth, I'm telling ya.

#135 i really wish ginny purcell knew how beautiful she was

#152: Maddy Gillette and Charlie Trombadore are really good at making it so that seniors don't terrify you anymore.

#156: Zaynah Harvey is a fantastic person and I'm going to miss her tons next year!

#157: adrian laufer sings like an angel sliding down a rainbow

#211: Cori Griffin is one of the most hardworking and nicest people I've ever met, you're going places in this world!

#202: Ms. Salem is the best teacher on campus. Not only is she great at her job she's extremely compassionate and empathetic and is just all around heartwarming. She's by far the greatest teacher to ever teach anywhere, and she's the reason I'm going on to ASL 3 next year.

When the page first launched, the page administrators wrote:

Wow. Honestly, that's the only word I can use to articulate how I'm feeling right now. 200 (likes) and more than 120 compliments sent. That is nothing short of spectacular. The pure outpouring of love and compassion I've witnessed tonight is moving to say the least. Tonight, you've proven that love truly conquers all, and I hope this page continues to produce the same happiness in the weeks to come that it has tonight.

Love you all,
- E

Hi everyone! It has been such a pleasure reading through and posting compliments tonight! I knew our school was amazing, but this has just reaffirmed that for me. Thank you all for contributing, but we're stopping posting for the night. If you submitted a compliment that hasn't been posted yet, don't worry, it will be! And if you haven't submitted a compliment but want to, go ahead! It will be posted as soon as we get there in the list. Meanwhile, go back and read through the past 120 compliments and look at what people think of some of SRV's finest!

- M

By Tuesday morning the page had already curated 159 compliments. The compliments range from silly to saucy to extremely sincere. By Tuesday evening the stats, according to a post by the page administrator, had continued to multiply with 463 "Likes" and 458 compliments submitted.

The page administrators wrote:

Tomorrow we'll be posting another 80. We're very well off with our pool of compliments, so it might take some time for us to get around to posting yours, but rest assured, we will! Until then, feel free to look back at some of the beautiful things people have said tonight, and remember to be excellent to one another.

To submit a compliment, the page directs "complimenters" to a Google form.

The goodwill seems to be spreading throughout the Tri-Valley as of late.

In Dublin last week, students were surprised to see their school swathed in rainbow colors and plastered with positive messages posted by an anonymous crew, while in Pleasanton there was another recent sighting of anonymous words of encouragement in the form of two mystery paintings with notes handwritten on the back were left alongside trails at Augustin Bernal Park in Pleasanton.

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Tell us what you think about these positive initiatives spearheaded by anonymous people wanting to spread goodwill in the community? Have you taken part or witnessed any of these feel-good campaigns?

Tell us and feel free to give out compliments to those you appreciate in  in the comments section below.


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