Take a Moment and Thank a Teacher

Just saying thanks to teacher goes a long way.

For many families in the San Ramon Valley, last week was a week of shortened school days for children due to school conferences.

For teachers, like myself, it means in addition to teaching, we meet with each and every family to talk about how their child is doing in school, both socially and academically. It is an exhausting week for teachers but one filled with the reward of knowing that we are helping children succeed by working together as a team.

As I sat at the conferences for my own sons, Jack, Drew, and Aiden, I was struck with how hard each of their teachers at Bollinger Canyon Elementary work. My third graders will be doing podcasts, iMovies, in-depth research projects, heritage reports, and so much more. My first grader is learning much of the same concepts my own first grade students are learning, yet the time and energy his teacher put in to his conference was impressive!

In my own classroomm, as I met with parents, I watched some parents enter the classroom looking very dressed up for the occasion.

This year, because I have a first grader and teach that same grade, some of these little things hit home a bit more for me. When I went to conferences for my boys, I was nervous inside, like all parents feel when having a parent teacher conference. I wondered what their teachers might say, how our boys were doing and how they would be challenged.

It dawned on me, as I sat on both sides of that conference table, that teachers truly do touch the lives of our children. I am sure each of us can look back on school and remember our favorite teacher. You may even remember your most dreaded teacher. My first grade teacher, Mrs. Cogburne in Helotes, Texas was horrid! She use to spank kids. I was the “teacher’s pet” and even I got the dreaded spanking one time! My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Quicksaw inspired me to become a teacher!

What teacher or teachers have inspired you? Do you have a superb teacher who your children learn from each day? If so, tell that teacher how much he or she means to your life and the social and academic life of your children! Surprise your child’s teacher with his or her favorite treat, just because, no special occasion or event needed: coffee, tea, lunch.

Simply say thank you or write a note of thanks. As a teacher, it is those little things that mean the world to us!

Kimberley Gilles November 01, 2012 at 09:17 PM
Ms. Frank is right! Gratitude goes a loooooong way when it comes to motivating a teacher. As a teacher at Monte Vista High School, I have my personal cache of notes from parents that I use to perk me up on challenging days. In fact, I even have one posted on the wall right next to where I am typing this. :) If you read all the comments on the Propositions 30 and 38 in the Patch, you can see how vicious the teacher bashing can be. Then, all I have to do, is pull up a note saved on my computer or in my special file and I remember how much I love my job!
Tom November 01, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Kimberley, I have kids at SRVHS. I do volenteer from time to time and go to every opportunity to meet and appraciate the teachers. The majority of the teachers are very dedicated and professional but there are a few lemons. Other teachers have told me these teachers are known but NOTHING can be done about it. I for one value your profession and the good people that help prepare our kids for a bright future. The scores at MV and SRVHS speak for themselves. Sometimes we have admin problems as well. Why for example was the pricipal at SRVHS TOLD to leave when there is a line of kids at MV that have transferred out of MV to go to SRVHS? Why did MV take away the food service the kids were running so well? There are huge problems that we as a society lay on the teachers and do NOT partner with them as best as we can. This is perhaps even more pronounced in the low income schools where there is little parent participation. Good teachers need good parent partners for the kids to do well. There is no doubt in my mind that the vast majority of the teachers at MV and SRVHS are VERY good teachers and I thank all of them.
Kimberley Gilles November 02, 2012 at 09:44 PM
Tom, I think discussing the relative strengths of teachers is NOT the point of this article in the Patch. That has been discussed at length in other comment strands. In this case, I simply want to acknowledge how right I think Sarah Frank is. She is encouraging readers to write a note to a teacher or even just rop by with a friendly smile. Noticing what teachers do RIGHT is good for the spirit of the teacher, the student who hears or knows that teacher is praised, and even the person providing the praise. I am a BIG fan of gratitude! :)
Kimberley Gilles November 02, 2012 at 09:46 PM
@Tom, I DO see that you weren't criticizing teachers, but administration. However, in my book, administrators are educators, too!
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