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School District: What Should We Name The New Elementary School?

Construction is set to begin on the school and the district wants community input.

The newest school to begin construction in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District is in search of a name. A small committee has been established and is seeking input from the community to select the name for the new elementary school (scheduled to open during the 2015-16 school year).

The elementary school, San Ramon Valley's fifth elementary school in the Dougherty Valley community of east San Ramon, is situated on a 7.4 acre site located approximately 1Ž2 mile southwest of the Dougherty Station Community Center and Library in a yet-to-be developed area of the Dougherty Valley (site is adjacent to a 30-acre community park currently under construction).

The committee is asking staff members, parents, students and community members to provide suggestions for the school name. The committee (comprised of representatives from SRVUSD schools, the City of San Ramon, the San Ramon Valley Historical Society and the local parent community) will take all the suggestions submitted, and work through a process to decide on a name for the school to submit to the Board of Education for its approval.

According to Board of Education policy, new schools can be named within the following criteria:
  • In recognition of the geographic area in which the school or building is located
  • In recognition of individuals who have made contributions of state, national or worldwide significance
  • In recognition of individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the county or community
  • No school facility will be given the name of a commercial development unless the name existed in the area prior to the development.
Anyone interested in submitting names for the new school is asked to complete the online form located on the school district website at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/dvschoolname

Janice P Ellis April 26, 2014 at 10:13 AM
Just what we need - another elementary school. Before you know it, all 100,000 of us will be packed into 11 square miles like sardines. I'm just thankful my family and I got to enjoy San Ramon when the population size was much, much lower.
Kate B April 30, 2014 at 01:19 PM
Even still Janice- we have a long way to go before we have the kinds of strong community bonds that create a quality, lasting family focused environment. So many commuters- so little interaction.
Parents for Accountability May 01, 2014 at 03:15 PM
While the City of San Ramon Valley continues to Grow! We do need new Schools. WE NEED A STUDENT PARENT UNION FIRST before we give the Teachers Union more new buildings, money, or benefits. WE DO HAVE AWESOME TEACHERS. (Remember the old Apple Barrel story? It applies to leadership too) What we need is an EDUCATION UNION. NOT A SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP. Before the building. We need leaders not from the old guard. Brave leaders willing to make the right decisions. We do have a start with our current Superintendent and her direct assistants. (Bright, energetic innovative, knows the issues, and is really working toward better education.) Now we need to help her surround herself with more of the same in the teaching category. SRVUSD is in need of energetic, innovative, education first, new teachers with MBA'S in their field to teach at our Top Rated Schools. We need to promote Education, Sports, competition, and Performance. Not tenure, retirement benefits, and new buildings. What we need is a STUDENT PARENT UNION that really speaks for educating our students. Not increasing the pockets of the old guard without getting anything in return. Leadership and Competition is the road to excellence. performance. Not More Money. Post teachers names and their performance in the local paper. Lets really see each classrooms performance. Especially in Math, Science and English. Lets see a public accounting of all the money in the SRVUSD. Line item accounting. Not until we do the above will we have true transparency and accountability. Think of this: If the teachers union is talking it is not for the betterment of education. if this were the case the Teachers union would be called the EDUCATION union. Until teachers worry more about face time with their students and LESS about administrative meetings, teacher workdays , etc. the education of our students will continue to suffer. Move that administrative stuff to the Summer. We parents all work overtime for no more pay. Asking for an extra two weeks for the 8 month work year. Really? If the teacher is not in front of our students they are not teaching. New Schools Yes. Staffed with the best vetted talent available in the country. Lets start with an energetic, dynamic, intelligent, Manager. (principals who identifies with our current Superintendents overall strategy to educating our students. LETS START PUTTING EDUCATION FIRST FOR A CHANGE.


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