Readers' Choice Results for Best Preschool Are In!

And the winner is...

The results are in and the readers' choice for best preschool in Danville and Alamo goes to... !

It was a hard fought race but Larson's pulled out the win with .

Second place was with 29 percent of the vote and a distant third with 9 percent.

When it came to expressing delight over the preschools in our comments section, Larson's and tied with 13 a piece. Noah's Ark pulled in 10 comments and Stratford and each had eight comments.

Here are a few comments left for Larson's:

  • "Larson's - my son absolutely loves it there! Couldn't be happier with the friendly staff, quality of the curriculum and how excited he is to go to school. Great community..." -
  • "I couldn't be happier with Larson's Children Center. All the teachers are so friendly, creative and educational curriculum and fun holiday events that get everyone involved!" -
  • "Larson's Children Center - I have had three children feed into the local Elementary Schools in our area. I have heard from multiple teachers at both schools that Larson's Kids are the most academically and socially prepared for Kindergarten. They always hit the ground running..." -
  • "Larson's Children's Center by far is the absolute BEST! Not only are the children the most prepared academically and socially, they are also very loved in a family-like setting. We have been with Larson's since 2004 and the same teachers then, still work there today. That alone says a lot about the school!!!!" -

To read all of the comments left for the preschools click .

One more layer to this contest was reviewing the preschool. The run away winner for the most NEW reviews came from . This preschool had 10 new reviews throughout the course of this readers' choice poll. In total, 56 reviews were made for 14 preschools. Did you review your preschool? If not, you should!

You can review Autumn Creek or any of the other preschools by clicking on the links below:

Thanks for participating and engaging so incredibly!

Coming Monday: Readers' choice for next week will be best place to celebrate St. Pat's Day.

Give us your suggestions in the comments section below!


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