99%ers Expose KOCH BROTHERS threat to democracy

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Our actions mold public opinion which is the ultimate determining factor in a democracy.

99%ers of the TriValley and Central Contra Costa will be showing the film KOCH BROTHER Exposed on Sunday July 22 in both the Lafayette Public Library Community Room at 3491 Mt. Diablo Blvd and the Dublin Library at 200 Civic Center.

Please RSVP

Dublin: www.moveon.org/event/events/hosts/index.html?event_id=130972 or hamanne@comcast.net

Lafayette: gmiller@astound.net

The Koch Brothers have pledged to spend up to $151 million on the 2012 election, possibly $400 million with their like minded friends. Watch Koch Brothers Exposed and join with your like minded colleagues to discuss the use of People Power to fight for our country. We will provide information on taking action in ways that fit into your life. There is too much at stake to risk continued corporate rule of our country. Our very planet depends on our decisions in the next few years.

We are asking the attendees to take the Pledge to boycott the Kochs!

Quick background:
Charles and David Koch have pledged $395 million in campaign contributions for the 2012 election cycle, are major funders of the Tea Party and its candidates, spent $20.5 million on lobbying in 2009 and 2010, and much, much more. Koch Industries' Georgia Pacific subsidiary manufactures these consumer products: VanityFair, AngelSoft, Quilted Northern, Soft'n Gentle, Sparkle, Brawny, MardiGras, Zee, and Dixie (cups). They are also in the chemical business through former duPont subsidiary Invista with products including Lycra, Dacron, Antron carpet fibers, and Stainmaster carpets. For a complete list of Koch consumer, building material, and chemical and fiber products, see http://www.chailife.com/2011/02/boycott-koch-industries-avoid-these-brands/.

The Pledge:
I pledge to not buy products from Koch Industries and its subsidiaries and to ask my friends, family, and acquaintances to also boycott Koch Industries because of the harmful effects of the Koch brothers' political activities on the USA.

Sign the pledge at http://signon.org/sign/take-the-pledge-to-boycott-1?source=c.em.mt&r_by=494258

By staging actions across the country the 99% Movement inches toward a tipping point, the moment when a critical mass believes enough in social justice to take action. Every motorist driving in front of B of A in Alamo that honked approval was nudged a bit closer. Every reader of this is nudged closer.

Since last October the 99%ERS of the TriValley and Central Contra Costa have staged actions in Dublin, San Ramon, Walnut Creek and Alamo. These actions coincide with national days of action focused on specific issues. In October the message was JOBS, jobs, JOBS, so the 99%ERS focused on $44B in oil subsidies from the taxpayers to the world’s most profitable oil companies that should be re-allocated to funding the then proposed JOBS ACT. That action was in front of Chevron World headquarters in San Ramon.

For the holidays 99%ERS sang carols at Stoneridge Mall with alternate lyrics. 99%ERS brought their own villain dressed as Scrooge telling them to get jobs and calling them hippies.

Through the winter the focus was on the four major banks that are now foreclosing, evicting and making kids live in cars. 99%ERS created a crime scene to point out Wall St criminality. 99%ERS dressed as piggies with bank logos on their chests and pig face masks. They flew a pig balloon named GOLDMAN SACHS. 99%ERS asked the President to investigate Wall St crime, which he promised to do in the state of the union address (we are still waiting). Those actions were in front of banks on Crow Canyon Rd, in Walnut Creek and on Dublin Blvd in Dublin.

On Tax Day in April 99%ERS were in front of the Walnut Creek post office thanking folks for paying their fair share, with cheer leaders handing out candy. The action was covered in the Sunday Chronicle with some good pictures. 99%ERS' signs had the logos of the ZERO TAX RATE CLUB members.

Recently 99%ERS told B of A: PAY TAXES OR CHANGE YOUR NAME. The Alamo B of A branch closed for business until the 99%ERS left, actually they went to lunch across the parking lot from the bank. A foreclosure notice was later presented to the bank, actually it was mounted on a stick and put in the lawn in front of the bank but it was returned to the 99%ERS by the bank guard.

The showing of KOCH Brothers Exposed is part of our education effort that has included showing THE HEIST a film about how Wall St. committed the largest theft in human history, classes in framing and using metaphor to create effective political messages. The goal of the educational effort is motivate activists to take political action and to provide some tools to help them. Please join us on July 22nd.


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