District, Iron Horse Provides Counseling in Response to Injured Student

A team of psychologists and counselors are on the Iron Horse Middle School campus to help students.

In the wake of an accident that left a , and the have responded with counselors and psychologists to help students and staff through the tragedy.

On Friday, Iron Horse prinicipal Joe Nguyen sent a two paragraph email to Iron Horse Community saying the student had undergone successful surgery but was still in serious condition.

"Today a team of district psychologists and counselors are on campus to provide support for our students," Nguyen wrote.

The team consisted of about a half dozen psychologists and counselors who walked around campus speaking with staff and students Friday and were planning to be available this week as well, SRVUSD community relations director Terry Koehne.

The district has experience working with students after a tragic event. Last May, district psychologists were on the San Ramon Valley High campus after .

"We're doing as well as can be, considering what happened," Nguyen said. "Everybody on staff is an educator at heart and having a student injured like this is difficult ... He's a great kid and our thoughts and prayers are with him and we hope for as speedy a recovery as possible."

Mark Jacobson March 20, 2012 at 07:02 AM
Off-campus after school. The school district is caring for his Iron Horse class-mates that are having difficulty dealing with the situation at school. No, parents can't be on campus to counsel their children during school. You are one cold human being. Do you even have children in school?
Janice P Ellis March 21, 2012 at 03:21 AM
Wow, you're just oozing with compassion, renni! So, by your reasoning, since this accident was not "school-related", Iron Horse should just carry on with business as usual? Newsflash - it can be just a tad bit upsetting when one of your classmates has been in a serious accident, so Iron Horse absolutely did the right thing in providing this service to its' students. Life is not all dollars and cents. Your post couldn't have been more heartless.


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