Athenian School College Counseling Director Co-Pens Blog Post for NYTimes

Amy Wintermeyer, co-director of college counseling at The Athenian School, co-wrote college admissions blog entry in the New York Times on what juniors should be doing to prepare for college.

From to the (web) pages of the New York Times.

Co-director of college counseling at The Athenian School Amy Wintermeyer tackled the subject of what high school juniors should be doing in March in preparation for college for the New York Times college admission and preparation blog "The Choice."

The entry was co-written with Mark Moody, co-director of college counseling at Colorado Academy in Denver.

We wanted to highlight this for two reasons:

  • Because a local administrator is writing in the New York Times; and
  • Because juniors need to be prepared for college!

The entry focuses on six points to check off as high school juniors prepare this month for the marathon that is choosing a college. (Though, for some who might not be as prepared, it could end up being a sprint.)

Here is one point, check out the other five by following the link to the Times:

Identify Circumstances That Will Shape Your Search

Finances may influence your eventual choice, or there may be personal or family situations that influence the geographic range of your search. Talk to your parents! If financing college is a concern, you’ll want to consider the total costs, the availability of need-based or merit aid, and your eligibility for aid. As you’re researching colleges, make use of the net-price calculators required to post on their Web sites to get a ballpark picture. And keep in mind that the stronger your profile is relative to the average profiles of the colleges on your list, the more likely you may be to receive merit aid.

Read the entire entry here.

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