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Where Are the Trees?

Trees are being removed in town along Camino Ramon and San Ramon Valley Boulevard as part of a Caltrans project to add an auxiliary lane along Interstate 680.

Readers have contacted the Patch team wondering about trees being removed in certain areas of town. We contacted Geoff Gillette, Danville's public information coordinator, who provided the following response via e-mail:

There are trees being removed along Camino Ramon, also along San Ramon Valley Boulevard. The removals are part of a Caltrans project to add an auxiliary lane along I-680.

Trees and shrubs will be replanted once the sound walls have been moved.

Further information from a Danville Today report published earlier this month:

Once construction of the auxiliary lanes is complete, over 600 new trees and approximately 1,000 new shrubs will be planted along both sides of I-680 between Sycamore Valley Road and Crow Canyon Road.

The landscaping will be aesthetically pleasing and create a consistently green visual character along the I-680 corridor, softening the appearance of sound walls and other freeway structures. Ivy will also be planted to grow onto the sound walls along the corridor.

For further details, view the Danville Today report on the city's website.

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Sue February 13, 2013 at 07:33 PM
Great, who's paying for this? What a waste of money and time AND trees AND bushes! Why were none of the neighborhoods informed about this prior to us having to see all the trees being removed? How long has this been in the planning stages? Why do we need an auxiliary lane?
Hiten Vasa February 13, 2013 at 08:30 PM
Only, if you pay attention : - Project news over last 12 years - Auxiliary Lane constructed in Phase 1 & 2 - Mailers and Door Hangers Then, you would not post such dumb questions . . . .
P February 15, 2013 at 10:36 PM
How and where do we get to see the details about this AUXILIARY LANE? I don't trust Danville officials to be reviewing these plans and I don't trust CalTrans to be having OUR best interests at heart. Are there going to be METER LIGHTS installed? Is it going to be harder to cross from Sycamore to Diablo Rd via 680????? Are there going to be backups of traffic at entrances or exits to Sycamore, Diablo Rd, El Cerro, or Crow Canyon? WHERE are the details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO in Danville is responsible for reviewing and approving them (as to our local interests) with Cal Trans?


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