Tomi Van de Brooke: Why You Should Vote For Me

This is the second in a series of columns by the three candidates for the District 2 Contra Costa County supervisor's election next Tuesday

By Tomi Van de Brooke

I was born and raised in Contra Costa County, attended local public schools and, as a teenager, rode horses in our beautiful hills.

I bring both a 30-year career and two terms in public service experience needed to represent you on the Board of Supervisors.

I have worked for Fortune 500 companies (Adia/Adecc0, Shell and Texaco), started and ran my own small business, and was the managing partner of a Walnut Creek communications firm.

I also worked for the California Alliance for Jobs, an organization dedicated to rebuilding California’s aging infrastructure.  I also gained great experience serving for three years as chief of staff for the District 3 supervisor in the San Ramon Valley.

I have been on the Contra Costa Community College Governing Board for seven years and currently serve as president of the Board. We oversee the operations of Contra Costa, Diablo Valley and Los Medanos community colleges.

This elected position has given me extensive experience managing complex budgets and a countywide perspective. The board oversees a $160 million annual operating budget and more than $200 million in reserves and other funds.

While on the college governing board, I encouraged a more goal and performance based approach to managing the district and successfully argued for more forthright and realistic budget practices. I will do the same if elected to serve you at the county level.

As an advocate for career technical education on the college board and with more than 15 years serving on economic development boards, I believe our county government can do more to support job creation and help our local economy thrive.

Government operates best when it’s accessible and accountable to taxpayers.  As a supervisor, I will advocate for fiscal accountability and a transparent and responsive county government. I will fight against pension abuse and ensure that public safety and infrastructure are funding priorities.

A high quality of life means more than a good job. We also seek a healthy, sustainable environment with clean air, water, open space and trails. I support the voter approved urban limit line and will seek to preserve and invigorate the county’s agriculture core.

I am honored to have received endorsements from:

  • Contra Costa Firefighters
  • Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific Action Fund
  • League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay
  • Alameda-Contra Costa Physicians Committee
  • United Faculty of Contra Costa Community Colleges
  • Contra Costa Building & Construction Trades Council
  • Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher (Ret.)
  • State Senator Mark DeSaulnier
  • Assembly Members Bonilla, Buchanan and Skinner
  • Many local mayors, council members, and community leaders (see complete list on www.tomivdb.com)

I am also proud to have the support of business, environmentalists and labor.  This broad base of support shows that I can bring together and work with people from varied backgrounds and perspectives. This is what our County needs!

Together with my strong fiscal sense, countywide perspective and as the only pro-choice woman in the race, I hope to be your choice for county supervisor.

I would be honored to receive your vote on June 5th.

Thank you,



Chris Nicholson June 02, 2012 at 03:09 AM
@2nd Gen: unless you think decision makers are not qualified to evaluate bids, there is no rational basis to exclude non-union bids from consideration. If you think I am wrong, please explain. So far, all you have said is that union contractors are generally better, therefore we should exclude others from consideration. This is irrational.
Regular Guy June 02, 2012 at 03:17 AM
The fire fighters' organization is robocalling for Tomi now. I guess they believe their generous salary and benefit packages are safer with Tomi. That makes me believe taxpayers' money is safer with someone else. I'm surprised that Tomi believes these annoying calls will benefit her, even after the huge publicity about the Moraga fire chief who retired with a package worth about $4 million. Do you suppose the robocalls are actually a dirty trick by her opponent??
2nd Generation Moraga June 02, 2012 at 03:29 AM
Chris, in general the people making decisions on projects (large or small) are administrators or purchasing staff that haven't had experience in evaluating contractors. This extends to the board who makes the final decisions on larger projects. This isn't a slap at the staff, it's the reality of fewer staff making more decisions. So yes, I personally don't believe the evaluators are qualified to make many of the decisions they are tasked to make.
Karen June 02, 2012 at 07:59 AM
I support Tomi for County Supervisor. In reviewing the comments, there seems to be a lack of information about what role the county plays in providing county health services, child care services, adoption, foster care, and other social services to county residents. State, county and federal resources are directed through county agencies that are controlled by our supervisors. We need someone who understands that women are entitled to make choices about their reproductive health precisely because the county agencies are related directly to children, families, and a vast array of services we provide families in the community. In San Francisco, a county supervisor learned of politically motivated crisis pregnancy centers giving women false and misleading information. We need that kind of vigilance here in the East Bay. Tomi is the right woman for the job of county supervisor.
Eileen June 05, 2012 at 03:32 AM
Prop. 8's supporters waged a campaign of misinformation and outright lies to motivate CA voters to take away a right that had been granted by the courts. (Remember all of that nonsense about churches being forced to marry gays? As if my husband and I, as Catholics, could have ever walked into a Presbyterian church and demanded to be married by the pastor!) i beleve that throwing one's financial and/or moral support behind such a campaign to strip a right is quite different from simplly stating the politically-safe traditional marriage line as Obama did. It was safe and I would have preferred brave, but remember that hois opponent, McCain, was adamantly opposed to gay marriage too, so the gay marriage issue couldn't factor as heaviy into my personal electoral calculus. You don't share my outrage at her use of her political title in her Prop 8 contribution, that's clear. My husband and many if my Lamorinda friends do, and it will inform our voting decision.


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