Polls Have Emken Trailing, Feinstein Cruising

Though Danville's Elizabeth Emken may be U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein's closest rival, a recent poll says she's way behind.

Nearly two dozen challengers are trying to knock U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein off the pedestal in the June primary but she doesn't seem to be worried.

One of those challengers is .

Emken recently was and is considered one of Feinstein's closest opponents. But, even with that said, it appears Emken is running way behind.

Mercury News, April 23:

Just how little she has to worry about was shown in a recent Survey USA poll. It found 51 percent of California's likely voters intend to vote for Feinstein, while Republicans Elizabeth Emken of Danville and Dan Hughes of Oceanside were backed by 2 percent each. All other candidates clocked in at either 1 percent or zero.

Feinstein, despite having millions embezzled from her own campaign funds, is still way ahead when it comes to cash. Where she has raised millions upon millions, her closest rival, .

The wide margin in both polling and in cash, however, hasn't swayed anyone from running, including Emken who recently told the .

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