Gov Signs Mt. Diablo Beacon Rehab Bill

The project will help restore the light that shines from the top of Mount Diablo.

A bill to restore the beacon at the summit of Mount Diablo has been signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, announced the office of Assembly representative Joan Buchanan in a news release.

Assemblymember Joan Buchanan (D-Alamo) announced that Gov. Brown has signed Assembly Bill 1916 into law. The bill passed both houses of the state Legislature with unanimous support.

AB 1916 authorizes the state Department of Parks and Recreation to enter into an operating agreement with Save Mount Diablo, a non-profit organization, using volunteers and licensed professionals to rehabilitate the Eye of Diablo, the beacon atop Mount Diablo in Mount Diablo State Park.

“During these difficult budget times, it is critical that these types of public private partnerships are encouraged whenever possible,” said Buchanan. “We all want the repairs to the beacon to move ahead swiftly and cost effectively. I know that Save Mount Diablo will be an exceptional partner for the Parks Department to work with on this project.”

For almost 50 years, has been the centerpiece of a Pearl Harbor remembrance ceremony every Dec. 7 hosted by Save Mount Diablo and the Sons & Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors Association.

Recently, the beacon has fallen into deep disrepair and needs significant restoration before it will be ready for the ceremony this year. Save Mount Diablo has generously volunteered to raise the money needed for the repairs as well as organize volunteers.

“We are all thrilled that the governor signed AB 1916 today,” said Ron Brown, executive director of Save Mount Diablo. “I want to move forward quickly to work out an agreement with the Parks Department that will address the important historical and mechanical issues, and still have the beacon be operational in time for the Dec. 7 ceremony.”

The governor signed the bill on Tuesday and it will take effect immediately in order to allow Save Mount Diablo and the Parks Department to begin repairs as soon as possible.

Joseph David Dacus July 18, 2012 at 02:10 PM
Congratulations to Save Mount Diablo and all involved!


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