Morning with the Mayor Focuses on Emergency Preparedness

State Senator Mark DeSalnier also made a cameo at Danville’s monthly Morning with the Mayor meeting.

Danville mayor Karen Stepper focused on emergency preparedness at this month’s Morning with the Mayor meeting at Father Nature’s Restaurant on Friday.

The meeting’s featured speaker was Greg Gilbert, Danville’s emergency services director.

Gilbert said a regional citizen’s core council partnership was formed with the Town of Danville, City of San Ramon, San Ramon Valley Unified School District and the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District.

The council works together to identify preparedness for disasters that can affect the community and emergency response.

He discussed different ways residents can prepare for an emergency, including putting together a 72-hour emergency kit.

He provided information for free classes on Personal Emergency Preparedness (PEP) and a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program provided by the fire district.

A will be held on September 10 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the LDS Chapel, 655 Old Orchard Rd. in Danville.

The event will offer free emergency preparedness classes, CPR training, pet first aid, stranger danger, demonstrations, a barbecue lunch and free emergency supply gift to the first 500 guests.

Mobile pet microchiping will also be available at a reduced cost.

For additional information about the preparedness fair and classes visit www.bereadysrv.org.

San Ramon Valley Fire Chief Richard Price discussed the department’s that shows a person in need of CPR near the user’s location.

He discussed a recent situation where a person went into cardiac arrest at . He said eight people were in the vicinity and notified by the iPhone app.

When the emergency crew arrived, two people were already there performing CPR on the victim. As of yesterday, the victim was doing well.

“That’s the exact response that I like to see,” Price said.

The Android version of the app is currently in progress and should be available in about a month, Price said.

State Senator Mark DeSalnier spoke briefly about the state’s budget crisis. He said the state still faces many challenges. Even though the budget shortfall went from $25 billion to a $5 billion to $8 billion shortfall after health and human services took a huge cut, most impacts will now likely happen to education.

Town manager Joe Calabrigo also spoke about the town’s $1 million budget gap, expenditure reductions and using reserves. He said Tuesday’s town council meeting will address those issues and how to move the town forward.


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