More Federal Money Needed For Jobs, Says Local Congressman

East Bay democratic congressman, George Miller, says President Obama is on the right track with his jobs bill.

Don't cut. Spend more.

That's the message from Rep. George Miller (D-Martinez), who says Washington, D.C. needs to dole out more funds to stimulate the economy.

"I believe you've got to use the federal government as a catalyst for the private sector," Miller said.

He said freeway improvements on Interstate 680 in the San Ramon Valley and the project creating a fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnel between Orinda and Berkeley are examples of stimulus money creating jobs in the East Bay.

The congressman said deficit reduction needs to be considered, but along with infrastructure spending, tax policy and revenue to local government is also needed.

"I don't believe you are going to cut your way out of this situation," he said.

Miller said President Obama is on the right track with his jobs bill, but he is being hampered by the effective media message from Republican leaders that stimulus money doesn't bolster the economy.

He said he believes community colleges, such as Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, are keys to job training. He noted 3 million new students signed up for community colleges in California last year.

"They are looking for new skills," he said.

Miller also repeated his support for the charter school plan now being considered for Clayton Valley High School in Concord.

In addition, he said Concord seems to be headed in the right direction with its current proposals for parts of the Concord Naval Weapons Station.

RWCook September 20, 2011 at 03:35 PM
Huh...how you going to pay for that George? Aside from the fact that "government as a catalyst for the private sector" has never worked because the government doesn't "create" anything... there. is. no. money.


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