Did You Vote? Prove It!

I don't ask for much here at Danville Patch. Just a few pictures from time to time.

There are reports that voter turnout could be historically low for this June 5 primary. And, yes, maybe it's not the sexiest election in recent memory, and it is a primary, which generally pull in less voters than general elections, but I know some of you are going to get out and rock the vote, so to speak.

So, share a bit of you exercising your democracy with Danville Patch.

Snap a picture of you and your "I Voted" sticker. Stick it to your self, your baby, your animal, maybe even a beer can, then snap a picture and send it to me to PROVE that you voted today. Easy peasy.

You can upload it yourself if you have a profile on Danville Patch, or you could email or text it right to the editor (as in me).

Be sure to include your name when submitting your "I Voted" photo.

Got it? Now let's go get our democracy on.


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