Andersen Could Fill Supe Seat Early, Leading to New Appointment on Danville Council

Danville Mayor Candace Andersen won big Tuesday night with 60 percent of the vote for Contra Costa County's District 2 Supervisor seat.

Tuesday's primary was good to Candace Andersen.

The Danville Mayor, campaigning against Tomi Van de Brooke and Sean White for Contra Costa County's District 2 Supervisor seat, and with that the win.

In the district supervisor primary, any candidate with 50 percent plus one gets the seat outright.

Gayle Uilkema who y previously held the district two seat. So with the vacant supervisor seat Andersen will likely get an early appointment to the county board, the Contra Costa Times has reported. Andersen's term in Danville would have ended in December.

Heading to the county leaves the Danville Town Council with its own vacancy. The remaining council members could then make its own appointment, the report said.

Contra Costa Times, June 6:

"I think it's important that we not leave the seat empty," Andersen said. "I know the job has a big learning curve but I am ready to get started. And Gayle had some great staff that I am looking forward to working with."


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