Alamo MAC to Discuss Pool Funds Contribution with Danville

Alamo MAC members will meet with the Danville Town Council to negotiate their current 50-percent share in a pool program at Monte Vista High.

At a meeting Tuesday night, the Alamo Municipal Advisory Council decided to pursue negotiations over the last bill remaining from a swim program partnership shared with the Town of Danville.

The Town is seeking a 50 percent share from Alamo Parks & Recreation on the last bill from the summer swim program at the pool.  In 2010, the total cost of the program was $55,388 and Alamo’s requested share is $27,694.

In January, councilmembers to recommend ending Alamo’s part in a partnership with the Town of Danville that funds the program.  According to councilmembers, not enough Alamo residents used the program to justify continuing to contribute funds to it.

On Tuesday, councilmember Nancy Dommes echoed statements she made in January, saying she was caught off-guard by the high price tag, which she attributed mostly to marketing and staff costs doubling between 2009-10. Dommes said the total contribution in 2009 was about $4,000.

“I felt a bit blindsided by the steep increase,” she said, adding that a 1.5 percent interest rate began to accrue 30 days after the invoice was sent on Dec. 15, 2010.

Councilmembers Janet Miller Evans and Steve Mick said the council should start talks with the Town of Danville to seek a lower contribution amount.

“We don’t want them to think there’s no chance for dialogue,” said Evans. “We want to look to pay a portion that is reasonable for Alamo.”

Councilmembers said they would table the issue until coordinating a meeting with the Town of Danville, councilmembers and Chair David Bowlby, who was absent from Tuesday’s meeting.

Also at the meeting:

  •  Councilmembers gave their approval for a land-use permit that would allow AT&T to install three antennas and six radio units on an existing monopine on 2680 Stone Valley Rd.  The approval was made with conditions that screening and faux foliage be added to obscure the equipment and that the current structure’s look not be drastically changed.
  • Councilmembers applauded a proposal from the Homeowners Association to replace and upgrade handfuls of signs in the neighborhood.  The Round Hill HOA is paying the cost of the project, according to Quallick, who told councilmembers, “If you’ve not seen them, they’re dynamite.”  The upgraded signs will include both roadway and street signage.
  • Councilmember Nancy Dommes said the public could soon expect the results of a town-sponsored survey of residents on Alamo’s parks and recreational activities. Dommes thanked Sharon Burke for being a leading volunteer in the “herculean task” of distributing, collecting and analyzing the surveys.
  • Councilmembers expect the next MAC meeting to be heavily attended. The council will discuss .  The meeting will be on March 15 at 6 p.m. at the Alamo Women’s Club. Field Representative Jennifer Quallick said San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District Chief Richard Price and district board members are expected to attend.
  • Evans reported that progress is being made on a project that would install permanent lighting on trees. Trees slated for lighting are between Jackson Way and Stone Valley Road in Alamo.  Evans said she will be looking at the sites this week as well as analyzing the project’s cost.


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