San Ramon Police Arrest Suspected Serial Auto Burglar

San Ramon resident Arthur Drucker, 27, is being charged with five counts of burglary, four involving vehicles.

San Ramon police believe they have caught a burglar responsible for a string of vehicle thefts in the city.

Arthur Drucker, 27, was arrested April 23 and charged with five counts of burglary, four involving vehicles, Lt. Dan Pratt said. 

The 27-year-old was arrested after he left a backpack in a Valero gas station restroom. After being contacted about the suspicious backpack, officers learned the backpack contained stolen merchandise.

Officers looked at surveillance video at the Valero that pointed them to Drucker. More stolen merchandise was discovered after Drucker's residence was searched, Pratt said.

Pratt noted Drucker could be responsible for more than the four vehicle burglaries he is being charged with.

Vehicle burglaries have been a persistent problem in San Ramon, with cars in public parking lots being targeted.

Danville has also had a number of car break-ins. Danville Police Chief Steve Simpkins said than 60 break-ins since the beginning of the year. As of last week, there were 27 reported car break-ins in Danville.

, Lt. Tom LaRocque said, “The most important tip is to never leave anything in plain sight inside your vehicle...Do not leave any type of bag in view and be discreet when securing items in the trunk. Plan ahead and don’t do it when you have already arrived at your parking location.”

Simpkins said the best way to thwart these break-ins is to make sure your car doors are locked and to not leave anything visible inside the car.

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