Police Give Details About Suspicious Man Talking to San Ramon Girl

The incident happened on San Ramon Valley Road, north of Norris Canyon.

, the San Ramon Valley Unified School District sent out an email warning the community there has a been a string of suspicous men talking to San Ramon students.

San Ramon police gave details of one incident that took place on March 16, when a Hispanic man in his 30s approached a 12-year-old girl walking on San Ramon Valley Boulevard, north of Norris Canyon.

It was raining outside and he asked her if she wanted a ride, another vehicle stopped nearby to watch, and when she stopped, the vehicle left the area.

There are conflicting reports on what car the man was driving, but police say he was in either a white or beige/gold four-door older model sedan similar to a Toyota or Honda.

San Ramon police say, for the last five years, they have had officers assigned to all of the elementary schools and the officers are in the area of the schools at drop-off and pick-up time.

"We encourage parents and educators to remind children of the safety precautions that they are taught and to call when they observe anythingsuspicious," Lt. Dan Pratt said.

Parent March 26, 2012 at 09:37 PM
We do...how do you think we know that there is no police arround! And what do you mean quit complaining...it's the POLICES job to keep our kids,neighborhood, and city safe. That's what we pay them for! I am happy for you that the Danville police are looking after the children...Oh ya, and tell your husband, relative, or friend Thank You for doing their job!
Armando Mendoza March 27, 2012 at 01:13 AM
"Maybe they don't want to be seen." LOL...brilliant statement!! Are you kidding me??? It's called deterence through police presence. As Parent said below...IT'S THEIR JOB!!!! The topic is about SR Police, not Danville.
Dave Enright March 27, 2012 at 02:35 AM
I talked to an officer abou this subject when he pulled me over for speeding (yes, I admit I was speeding) last Saturday. He said officers are assigned to the schools and try to get be there around pickup/dropoff times but due to other calls going on in the cuty that may not always be possible. I was told there role is to be visible and approachable to the children and help with issues that may come up on-campus with the students. He also said they are not expected to be at the school all day like the officers that are assigned to DV and California high schools. I don't know of any other local cities that assign officers to schools but I'm happy our city's PD does. That being said, I don't expect them to be there for every issue that omes up as that's what 911 is for. As for those that haven't seen police near their kids schools it doesn't mean they weren't there or hadn't been there afterwards. As far as I'm concerned if an adult stranger asks one of our children to get into a car it needs to be investigated. Assuming the event actually happened and it wasn't made up by the child for whatever reason the police need to investigate and inform the public. The public now knows and instead of bashing the police I'm choosing to make sure my children get to and from school safely as I'm their parent, not the San Ramon Police. BTW, I didn't get a break from the officer and he was extremely courteous to me. Woud've loved getting a break but I WAS driving very fast on Windermere.
cheri March 29, 2012 at 04:18 PM
The 12 year old wasn't your daughter , was she? do you even have children?
Ruth March 29, 2012 at 04:40 PM
@Danville Mom- are you really a mom? I can not believe your comment! Child Predators are everywhere within the family mostly, on the streets, at the playgrounds! You say stop complaining! Watch your own kids! From a mother having raised small children I was fortunate enough not to be a victim of child abduction, so I appreciate any and all alerts given and all efforts made by our police and neighbors about suspicious people lurking about. I was a kid in San Francisco when John Walsh's child was abducted and murdered. Perhaps you should send him your sentiments of how he should have watched his kid and stopped complaining! (what a gross representative of anyone with children). I speak for the other mothers thrilled to hear there is a extra set of eyes out there watching out for our precious little ones- thank you officers for making an effort.


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