Open Letter to San Ramon Valley School Community

Patch reader asks: What security measures are in place locally and pledges to help do anything it takes to keep our children safe.

Patch received this email from Michael Fryer, a teacher and grandmother of students in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.

I kneel with a nation trying to understand the senseless acts of a mad man in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. As a life-long teacher, I can only imagine what split-second actions the heroes of Sandy Hook took to protect the children in their care. May we remember them and the new angels in heaven every day.

My grandchildren are students in the San Ramon Valley School District.......from Kindergarten to High School. My daughter-in-law forwarded me an email the District superintendent sent out to parents in the District after the murders in Sandy Hook. (see attached.)

I commend the superintendent for addressing security in our schools as the tragedy in Sandy Hook was unveiled.  I am writing you because one statement repeated in television and print news won't let me rest. It was: "Somehow the shooter got past the security in place at the school."

How????? One account stated he "broke in." How????????   It is my belief that no gun control or political maneuverings can stop the evil that lives in some hearts. But would you consider calling for a complete accounting of security measures at all schools in our area? A sharing of knowledge and security technology in place or needed — perhaps as simple as every teacher locking their doors and having a peep hole installed in every entrance to every classroom.

What is in place at every school? What is needed at every school?   I know our community would come together to support any and all security needs at any school. Count me and my donation in!

Michael Fryer December 17, 2012 at 06:26 PM
The SRV School District Superintendent and the Montair Principal are to be so commended for reaching out to the families who so identified with the tragic murders in Connecticut. Los Cerros and Monte Vista also sent emails to their school families detailing their security in place. Did parents at every school in the District and private/parochial schools in our area receive emails from their school administrators? Is there any security needed by our schools that we all could help provide? And is there any reason why school administrators and staffs could not be trained to use a taser and/or pepper spray in an emergency? If only that brave Principal in Connecticut had either in her hand. Michael


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