Hazardous Odor Call Evacuates CVS, Authorities Find Nothing

Employees and customers at a CVS in the Tassajara Crossings Shopping Center reported an odor in the building but the responding hazardous materials team was unable to locate any danger.

Authorities responded to a hazardous condition report Saturday at 9:30 a.m. after several employees and customers in the Tassajara Crossings Shopping Center CVS claimed to have smelled a strong oily odor.

The responding hazardous materials team of the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District evacuated the CVS, located at 3420 Camino Tassajara in Blackhawk, Battalion Chief Derek Krause said.

However, after an investigation the team was unable to locate any danger, he added.

"Our equipment was unable to identify any sources (of hazardous odors), there was no reading of anything that would give off a harmful odor," Krause said.

The equipment used tests for various noxious odors including sulfur.

"There was a faint smell of perm solution, but it was very faint," Krause said.

Authorities then investigated the hair care aisle of the store but still was unable to find a source. It was determined the situation was not harmful and customers and employees were allowed to return to the building.

"It was not a hazardous condition and it was deemed safe," Krause said.

A firefighter and the coordinator for the SRVFPD HazMat team happened to be in the CVS at the time of the report. The event was escalated, Krause said, due to a pregnant woman reporting that she was going to faint.

Krause said the pregnant woman walked away from the scene before responding EMTs were able to determine whether or not her light-headedness was due to the odor or something else.


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