Graffiti in Alamo?

A Danville Patch reader sent us some pictures of graffiti in Alamo and we followed up with the Contra Costa Sheriff's Department.

Alamo isn't a hotbed of graffiti activity. You generally don't see it and when you do, it's not much. But, reader David Lehman snapped several pictures of graffiti tagging while he was out walking recently.

Most of what he saw was behind Alamo businesses, including Ace Hardware. The tags appeared to be from the same person. Someone also spray painted "public restroom" around a fire hydrant on the street near Iron Horse Trail.

Danville Patch called up the Contra County Sheriff's station that covers the unincorporated town to ask about graffiti and tagging in the area. We got a hold of Sgt. Mullnix.

Mullnix said she handles 90 percent of the reports that come from Alamo residents and she hasn't seen any graffiti reported in quite awhile.

She said that if there is graffiti, that business owners should report it. The department will then follow up and follow any leads.

Mullnix said that if there is graffiti on a business that it would be up to that business owner to take care of it.

Has anyone else noticed any graffiti in Alamo or Danville?


David Lehman May 23, 2012 at 05:54 PM
Any graffiti is too much...it ruins the beauty of the walk....
Bill Goodwin May 24, 2012 at 09:38 AM
If the graffiti is removed or covered up daily it will soon disappear!! There comes a point where it becomes too risky to continue, and there is no longer satisfaction for making your tag when it will surely be gone by the next day!! I think Alamo Ace has the supplies to eradicate the tags and should check daily to ensure it remains covered.. What are the cops going to do?? The Walnut Creek Police Station was tagged and they couldn't even catch the perpetrators..


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