Summer Is ...

Hooray, summer is here! This week in Parent Chat, local parents share what sights, sounds, tastes, and activities let them know that summertime is here.

“In summer, the song sings itself.”  —William Carlos Williams

I don’t need a calendar to tell me that summer has arrived.

As the temperatures soared and I let my children loose in the backyard to run in the sprinklers, their naked bottoms streaking past me with high pitched squeals of delight, I said hello to my old friend summertime.

Summer is all around me, evident in the streams of strawberry and cherry juice dripping from my kids’ chins, and the exhausted tubes of sunscreen already littering my car.

As a parent, summer is the season I have the most renewed awareness of and appreciation for. 

Through my children I remember all the things that make summer magical.

This week, I asked local parents to tell me what says to them, “It’s summer!”

Summer is ...

“Lazy mornings, days at the pool, the ice cream truck, playing on the slip-n-slide, canoeing on Lake Tahoe and barbecues with friends.  And, best of all, no homework packets!!!” Barb Besse, Alamo

“Corn on the cob and watermelon. Plus, I love the sounds of a good swim meet.” Katie Moe, Pleasanton

“Sitting outside on warm nights, roasting marshmallows and looking at the stars.” Rachel Olin, Alamo

“Summer is dinner outside, barbecues, crickets and frogs chirping, playing in the pool, impromptu get-togethers with neighbors and friends, ping pong, darts, beach and sunburns.” Tina DeMattia, Danville

“Summer is playdates that last late into the night. Hiking in Yosemite. My child swimming as often as she can for as long as she can! Reading a good book by the pool. Eating too much watermelon. Wandering in Nana's garden, learning all of the names of the flowers. Blue sky as far as the eye can see! Family time!” Erin Edward, San Ramon


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