Living Your Best Life

Cheri tells us to focus on what we do best going into 2012.

So we’ve made it through December, the onslaught of what some deem the most stressful time of the year, and into the high expectations of what the New Year holds for us in promises and resolutions.   

Usually, I am a big fan of creating a list of things I’ll hold myself accountable for but they seem to be the same few items…lose the weight finally, get more organized, save money for a rainy day…you know the drill. 

I still plan to make a “Visionary Board” as I do love to dream and create intentions for my life but today I want to count my blessings, as they are. 

As I rewind the awful memories of my mom’s decline two years ago, this week, (she died Jan. 8) trust me when I say if Martha Stewart is the expert in planning a dinner party, you can rely on me for great tips for a “pity party.” A perfect downer evening is filled with all my favorite comfort foods — from macaroni and cheese to salted dark chocolate caramels — and my favorite drink choice for the moment, Harris Port I just discovered at Trader Joe’s. Throw in some really sad music or a sappy, romantic movie and a trip to the bed loaded with the most comfy blankets and I’m set. 

Despite my darkest moments when I choose to believe I’m the only one who can experience so much grief after the loss of my best friend, my mom, even I found a way to chaperone the fog out of my life as if it had tiny little feet and took its sweet ol’ time to exit the largest room in my brain. 

I take inspiration from a monthly article from Oprah’s magazine called, “How ___ Lives Her Best Life.”  (Of course, you can fill in the blank with your name!) 

From month to month, I read all the different entries from “Best Advice” to “Best Hidden Talent” to “Best Habit” and “Best Mistake.” Jill Scott’s best habit is making her bed. Harry Connick Jr’s “Best Thrill” was the birth of his three daughters. And Hilary Swank’s “Best Habit” is rising at 7 a.m. and hiking with her dogs. 

What strikes me is that all these “so called” glamorous people are sharing the best things in their lives and I find their answers to be quite simple. Yet, I can relate because when you really think about it, they are all reminders that sometimes the best things in life are really quite simple indeed. And free. 

So, instead of making that list of what you’ll do that will make you better, improve, or pull you out of that depressed state because life – as the character Gil Pender said in the movie “Midnight in Paris” can sometimes be unsatisfactory, find what is working for you and what it means when you are living your best life.  

Here are some ideas of topics you can answer to help get you started. Pull out that journal or state it in a status on Facebook or even in the comments section here on Patch.

Best Drink? 

Best Read? 

Best Routine? 

Best Secret Talent? 

Best Holiday? 

Best Excuse? 

Best Gift? 

Best Pick-Me-Up? 

Best Vacation? 

Best Vice? 

Best Way to Spend a Sunday?

You get the idea, now take the time to acknowledge what you are already doing to live your best life. Here's to 2012 filled with many joyous moments!

Cheri Eplin January 07, 2012 at 05:08 AM
Sherry, Thank you for reading AND posting... I didn't know Peet's had sea salt dark chocolate... YUM!
Susan Forsyth January 07, 2012 at 06:05 AM
Cheri- I love your article- I like thinking about what is good now, rather than what could be better in the future. Best Drink? The Good Earth tea my daughter makes in the evening for me because it is thus far the only thing she can cook. Best Read? Anything by Jane Austen Best Routine? Running every day! Best Secret Talent? Cooking soup. Best Holiday? This last Thanksgiving at my house with 17 members of my family- it was a potluck. Best Excuse? Just owe up to your mistakes- we all make them. Best Gift? A Victorian doll house my mother gave me when I was about ten. Best Pick-Me-Up? Spending time with my eight year old when she is not tired, cranky and not trying to be fifteen. Best Vacation? Nova Scotia about ten years ago and this last summer going camping at Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Glacier. Best Vice? Cookies! Yummy Best Way to Spend a Sunday? Sleeping in (not going to work- as I work every other weekend.) Then going on an adventure with Anna.
Cheri Eplin January 07, 2012 at 05:20 PM
Susan... Thank you so much for reading AND commenting! I love your "best excuse" answer... isn't that the truth?! And I also love your best "pick-me-up!"
Julie Corbett January 07, 2012 at 06:47 PM
Cheri- I always read your articles because they are so thoughtful and beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your personal stories and your perspective on life! Best parenting moments: always saying "yes" when my 3 kids ask me to rest with them at bedtime... even when I'm cranky and exhausted. I never regret it. :-)
Cheri Eplin January 08, 2012 at 01:20 AM
Julie, Thank you so much for reading my articles! And I love your best parenting moment, that is the stuff life is made of!


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