Dreaming Big is a Good Thing

Kristi Yamaguchi was recently with San Ramon and Danville kids to inspire them to reach for their dreams.


If you followed your big dreams, what would you do?

The day I walked into my kindergarten class at Helotes Elementary in Helotes, Texas, I knew I wanted to someday become a teacher. It was seeing my nametag and a lollipop on my desk that did it for me!I am a teacher today and I did follow my dream that begin as a tiny seed in my mind at five years old.

Children in San Ramon and Danville were recently asked to write about their own big dreams, as a part of the “Kids Read Challenge” this year sponsored by our local libraries and corporate donors. The idea was based on Kristi Yamaguchi’s book, “Dream Big Little Pig”. 

On Saturday, April 28, I had the pleasure of hearing Mrs. Yamaguchi read her latest book and then answer questions from children in the audience. Hearing this gold medalist talk about how she followed her own big dreams and never gave up on herself was inspiring.

My own son, Drew, a student at , wrote a story about following his big dreams, and he was one of the nine children honored at this event. Drew took the “Kids Read Challenge” and wrote:

I would like to be a train conductor. I’d like this job because everyone who knows me knows I love trains. The railroad is called the Tilden Park railway. If there is any kind of train I like the most it’s steam trains. That is a good thing because they only run steam trains. Being a train driver would be fun because I could ride on the trains anytime I want. That’s what I would do if I followed my big dreams.

As my almost 8-year-old second grader, Drew, read his story to the crowd, I was filled with pride. To be chosen from hundred of entrants was an honor, and to be a part of a celebration of big dreams with Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi was something we will not soon forget.

I hope that in twenty years or so, when we all reflect on where our own children are in life, that they have followed their own big dreams. I truly can see Drew Frank being a train conductor or just working at the Sunol Train Yard on weekends, just for fun, inspiring  the next generation of train enthusiasts!


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