Candace Andersen Victory - Experience Matters & It Matters Most of All!

Last night, 6-5-2012, was the Primary Presidential election. Locally running was The Honorable Mayor of Danville and she declared victory!

Last night, 6-5-2012, was the Primary Presidential election. Locally running was The Honorable Mayor of Danville, Candace Andersen for Contra Costa District ll Supervisor. Her campaign Headquarters in the Rose Garden/Navlet’s shopping center had lots of important faces and lots of faces important in her bid for Supervisor. There were Republican and Democrats in one party, celebrating bipartisanship and kinship because they had voted for who they believed in.

As we mingled, and co-mingled the air was filled with calm anticipation, friendly, faces and warm embraces. While the precinct numbers rolled in, you saw hopeful, humble smiles and we were all patiently excited. We were just happy to be there as they say “representing,” and not just rubbing elbows we were rubbing our palms getting ready to do some high fives with the high percentage of votes tallied on the internet.

After much meeting and greeting, Mayor Candace Andersen thanked everyone who attended for their support. Her appreciation speech began with saying thank you to her husband, her children and her campaign manager Gayle Israel. Her appreciation was warmly encapsulated by the support of the attendees. Then, with the internet results showing her leading with 61% of the votes her thank you transitioned into declaring a victory.

I’ve seen many campaigns in my life time, and although there were detractors to her bid. The one thing you could not rattle or shake was Candace Andersen’s strong foundation of decency, dedication, experience, respect of and for her community and the love of her family, friends and supporters.

What I saw with her campaign, was no mud no crud, no attacking her opponent just attacking the issues, cognizant of the problems with plans to address and work on solutions to solve them.

So yes, "the good guys” do win, it does happen and I witnessed it last night! At the end of the Contra Costa County Supervisor District ll campaign trail, like my last photo with her campaign sign leaning against the stop sign post.  The vote stops here! Candace Andersen will bring to the county what she has brought to Danville, a record that shows a love for family, community, accountability, respect and responsibility. For you and me what we will receive is in the heart of her campaign message, “experience matters” and it matters most of all!

By Mary Ann Cadorna

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Mack Sennet June 07, 2012 at 01:02 AM
"a record that shows a love for family..." If you're a straight family, Candi loves you. If you're not a straight family, Candi-Boo ain't all that crazy about you.
Deeanna June 07, 2012 at 01:38 AM
I watched this race closely and I would not go as far as to say Tomi was cordial throughout most of the race. Early on in the debates, she went on the attack of Candace for everything from misinformation about her record as Mayor of Danville, to her stand on abortion, to her religion, (which to many was the most offensive of all). I sat through several of the debates and saw a very snarky attitude from Tomi throughout, as if she was entitled to this seat and was very bothered by the fact that someone would dare run against her. That is what turned educated voters off. Tomi has a horrible fiscal record on the College Board, the one that is running at a deficit and eating up its reserves so fast that it is going back to the voters for another bond measure soon. She was such a negative candidate that even 12% of the voters that may otherwise have been Tomi's, voted for the third unknown candidate who didn't even run a campaign. Tomi needs to come back down to earth and disassociate herself with the union bosses real fast, or she may just find herself without a job on the College Board as well. Wake up Tomi!
Mack Sennet June 07, 2012 at 01:55 AM
It's offensive to criticize Candi's religion but it's not offensive for her to deny people marriage equality? Candi's bigotry is ok but Tomi's bigotry isn't? Personally, I thought all bigotry was bad. I didn't realize there was good bigotry and bad bigotry. Both women were poor choices and neither should have been elected.


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