A Kick-Off Reception that Scored a Touchdown: Candace Andersen for District II Supervisor

To me, Candace represents everything important in good leadership, from the loving children she took the time out to raise to serving her community.

Saturday before last, Councilman Richard Storer and his gracious wife, Sandra, held a reception in their beautiful home for the Honorable Mayor Candace Andersen.

The Veterans and Exchange Club friends hosted a kickoff party in her bid for Contra Costa Supervisor District II. Her reception was hosted by Danville Council Members Newell Arnerich, Mike Doyle, Karen Stepper and Robert Storer, as well as retired Police Chief Chris Wenzel. District II includes Alamo, Danville, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Rossmoor and San Ramon.

Candace Andersen has more than 10 years experience in serving on numerous boards and city councils, while also volunteering for many community organizations. She has proven herself to be a good steward, fiscally responsible, and is endorsed by the entire Danville Town Council. Her second term as mayor began on Dec. 6, 2011, and she previously served as mayor in 2008.

Mayor Andersen “holds a degree in public policy, and is an attorney who put her legal practice on hold to serve the community and raise her family." So, in addition to her supporters, Candace has the strong support of her husband Phillip, and her six children: PJ, Elisabeth, Sam, Melanie, Steve, and Michael -- who’s in Guatemala serving as a missionary.

To me, Candace represents everything important in good leadership, from the loving children she took the time out to raise to serving her community. In addition, she brings her legal experience and background to the forefront in serving the city of Danville. Mayor Andersen has everything to offer as Supervisor in serving District II, and she deeply cares about preserving, ensuring, and sustaining the quality of our lives in Contra Costa County.

Her top priorities are as follows:

1. County pension sustainability is a top priority: “Candace will work hard to curb pension abuses and reduce county expenditures.”

2. Candace will ensure public safety by allocating necessary resources to protect our communities and prosecute criminals.

3. Businesses need to be supported and jobs created: “Candace will implement policies to help businesses grow, reduce bureaucratic red tape, and create new jobs.”

4. “Let’s Protect the Quality of Life in Contra Costa We need to continue strong school partnerships, road improvements, and appropriate building within the Urban Limit Line.”

As I left the kickoff reception, for me, I could honestly say she scored a touchdown. As a result, The Honorable Candace Andersen is my “No. 1 Vote for District II,” and maybe yours, too!

If you would like more information about Candace Andersen for Contra Costa Supervisor District II visit http://andersenforsupervisor2012.com/

Kickoff video here.

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Carolyn Phinney March 22, 2012 at 02:03 AM
Thanks for the lively debate, Hal!
Summer Hemphill March 22, 2012 at 09:08 AM
As a member of the City Council Candace obstructed the rights of cannabis patients to "safe & legal access" to medical marijuana as guaranteed by state law. This is a violation of her oath of office & should obviously make her unfit to seek higher office !! The Court of Appeals recently ruled that cities can't use land use or nuisance ordinances to ban dispensaries anymore ! The cities stalling tactics have injured & inconvenienced hundreds of residents & potentially thousands of Contra Costa County voters !! Don't vote for Candace as she has little respect for the law & less respect & compassion for the patients whom doctors believe that marijuana may be beneficial !!
Summer Hemphill March 22, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Medical marijuana dispensaries are legal under state law & the "attitude" & "interest" of "Contra Costans" do not supercede a patients right to "safe & legal access". This unconscionable obstruction of patients rights is nothing more than than an attempt to placate right-wing anti-marijuana zealots at the expense of patients ! As a supervisor Candace would have a vote on the issue of dispensaries in unincorporated areas of the county & have the ability to obstruct the rights of thousands of patients. Did any of you really think that Danville was exempt from abiding by the will of California voters & the legislature ? What were you smoking ? A U.S. District Judge is hearing arguments this week on the ability of the federal government to enforce their marijuana laws on patients & dispensaries here. Since Congress allowed Washington D.C. voters to approve medical marijuana the plaintiffs contend that they were denied this same right. Under the "equal protection clause" Congress must insure that all citizens receive equal treatment under the law. Following this line of reasoning anyone in compliance with their state laws regarding medical marijuana should be immune from federal prosecution (persecution) ! The picnics over folks,dispensaries are legal & they're coming to a storefront near you ! You can put that in your pipe & smoke it Harald !! Candace is just another right-wing poser unfit to hold her present office & certainly unsuitable to ascend to the Supervisor's office !!
Drew D July 12, 2012 at 10:32 AM
Carolyn, And, I'm sorry, but Tomi Van de Brooke got her clock cleaned by Candace on election night, overwhelmingly. It wasn't even close...60% to 28%. That is a 32-point margin. It appears you and Van de Brooke's attempt to make this election a referendum on irrelevant social issues backfired. And finally, we have a real conservative on the Board! I am so pleased.
Drew D July 12, 2012 at 10:37 AM
Carolyn, With all due respect, don't you have anything better to do than rant on Danville Patch about a (potential) county supervisor's personal views on issues such as same sex marriage and right to life? Are you aware that as a county supervisor she has absolutely NO authority whatsoever on determining the legal status of such issues? As a lifelong resident of Danville, I can attest Candace has the experience, judgment and character necessary to not only be an effective county supervisor, but a great one. She has worked tirelessly as mayor of our great town delivering effective leadership and addressing major issues and concerns. And frankly, I am glad she is a true Reagan conservative. We need more of those in this flamingly liberal area. I'm tired of Danville always getting overshadowed by the rest of the county. The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors is full of left-wingers and I think it's time that Danville's conservative values are finally represented on the board. You claim "Tomi's social positions on equal human rights are a better match for Northern California"...yea maybe San Francisco and Berkeley, but not most of C.C. County and certainly not Danville. Candace's values match our district. Also, you constantly rail that you're concerned about having the "choice" or "right" to abort a child...well what about the baby's right to live? Clearly you're not concerned about that. You're placing your own self over the life of a child and that's unfortunate.


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