Power-Starved iPhone Users Unite

Our dependency on power for our gadgets is getting ridiculous.

I'm sitting at LAX surrounded by plugs. And cords. And power starved people with plugs jammed into weird "Recharge Here" power kiosks everywhere.

In the midst of a long stint of travel (some vaca and some business) I'm finding I hunt for plugs in restaurants, peering beneath tables and picking eateries based on their number of outlets.

What the heck is going on here?

It seems the smarter our phones get, the shorter the battery life. Note to Apple: This is not helpful to the average Joe trying to live and work out in the real world.

In just a 10-minute period, two power-hungry peeps stuck their cords into a community outlet for just a handful of minutes, desperate to get enough juice to play a game for 2 minutes or check an email before the mandatory up-in-the-air ban on personal electronic devices.

During a 16-hour family road trip I stupidly forgot our EXTRA cigarette charger thingy, so all four of us shared my son's, with alternating battles erupting over whose device deserved the cord at any one moment in time. (Yes, mom always trumped the car.)

It was sick watching my husband, whose iPhone actually will no longer charge at ALL for some strange reason, plug in futilely, hoping to change that slim red bar to green.

Being a child of the Loma Prietas earthquake, the possibilities of being powerless for days always looms in my subconscious. What will the smart-phone world DO in that situation?

We'll be absolutely frickin' helpless, that's what will happen. I can't even take a four-hour flight without plugging in somewhere. What will happen if our power is out for four days?

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Weechee Warrick August 22, 2012 at 03:22 AM
You sound like a family that I wouldn't want to hang out with.
John Harrington August 24, 2012 at 02:58 AM
For one thing, even if you had a charged battery the cell phone networks would be overloaded and you would not be able to make or receive a call. If you absolutely must have communications then put in an ATT (PACBELL for us oldtimers who remember when Livermore/Pleasanton were in the 415 area code) landline and have a cheap phone that does not require AC power to operate. FYI, I lived in Pleasanton during Loma Prieta and our power and PACBell phone did not go out.
Douglas Linman August 26, 2012 at 04:31 PM
Like John and others have stated. Being prepared and organized dramatically reduces the stress level in your entire life. So have an area in your house where everyone charges their phone in standard daily readiness (just like every support organization does), also have a re-trackable phone power cable in each vehicle, and there are rechargeable battery packs you can carry in your pursue as a third backup system. At home, a cheap landline should always be present, especially in a family. In my past, I was a trained Technical First Responder and this readiness is standard operations for us---easily copied by anyone else.
Pleasanton Mom August 28, 2012 at 07:32 AM
My iPhone battery wouldn't carry me through a day and most of my work is done on an office phone. I mostly use it during the day to keep up with kids and a few business calls. I was getting frustrated that it would die on me several hours before my day ended so my daughter turned down the brightness and not by much and now I can go almost two days. What would I do without children from the technology generation always giving me a hand and keeping us current with technology?


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