Today Is Bike to Work Day... Are You Biking?

Are you dropping your four wheels for two today since it is Bike to Work Day?

Today is Bike to Work Day in the Bay Area and many people will be leaving their four wheels and combustible engine parked at home in exchange for two wheels and the power of their legs.

So, will you?

Let us know if you are participating. Take a picture of your bike and send it in.

  • You can snap one with your phone and text it to 925-413-3537 (so easy!); or
  • Email a photo to Danville Patch Editor Terry Parris Jr. at terry.parris@patch.com.

We'd also like to know how far you're biking. Are you only going a few miles? Or trekking 20? Somewhere inbetween? Let us know in the comments section below.

Happy biking everyone!


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