What You May Have Missed: Stories from the Weekend

It was a fairly busy weekend on the news front for Danville Patch as we documented the opening of the Vets Hall, reported that the Devil Mountain Run was cancelled, and a $300K lotto ticket was sold from the Chevron station on Hartz.

Whew. Busy weekend on this end.

But if you played your cards right, you weren't any where near a computer!

I must have played my cards kind of wrong because I was. But, for good reason.

We had a few things to report that I want to pull back out just in case you were out enjoying the weekend and weren't glued to Danville Patch.

A few things from Friday afternoon that you may have missed:

  • Monte Vista alum Bob Myers (class of '93) . After spending a year as assistant GM, the owner of the wayward NBA team handed it over to Myers. It's pretty cool to have one of our own leading an NBA franchise. Let's hope they pull 'em out of the basement.
  • There were a . Including a grand theft from a CVS, a guy who went to the police station to inquire about his towed car and ended up arrested, and a telephone scam that left a Danville man $3,000 light in his wallet.

On Saturday:

  • It was a big day Saturday for downtown Danville because, after nearly two years, . No more construction workers and equipment and orange cones. Veterans, elected officials, and several hundred people came out for the ribbon cutting on Saturday afternoon.
  • So, that vets building was cool... but winning the lotto is cool, too. We're not sure who won yet but the winning Mega Millions ticket, more than $300,000, . Maybe I should start buying some lottery tickets from there?

On Sunday:

  • It was announced a few days ago but we got it up on Sunday (our bad, guys). Anyway, the . Children's Hospital Oakland was the organizer of the event. It was a fundraiser but, according to a post on its website, the fundraising results were less than stellar and production costs, along with declining participating, forced CHO's hand. It was a big race, with a lot of history. Maybe something else will take its place?

No you're all caught up.

I hope you enjoyed the weekend... 'cause we did, from a Danville news standpoint at least!


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