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Got an opinion? A gripe? Something to get off your chest? Let us know about it.

We all have something to say, and thanks to Facebook and Twitter, we all have a venue to say it in. But sometimes we require a little more than the sentence or two that these social media formats allow.

Sometimes there's a topic or an issue that you might not agree with, and you want to voice your opposition. Maybe you agree with it, and you want to tell people why. Or, maybe, it's something else altogether, and you just need to get it off your chest. Well, if Facebook and Twitter seem to handcuff you into a very small amount of words, why not write to Danville Patch?

Send us a "Letter to the Editor."

It's also another way for us to interact with our readers. We do so through social media already and through the comments at the end of our stories, but this just adds another level for you to communicate with us and with your neighbors.

So, let me formally invite anyone with something to say about Danville's issues to write in about it. Tell us your concerns and questions, or even send us haikus (if they are really good). Danville Patch would love to publish them.

A few guidelines before we start, however:

  • Keep letters fewer than 500 words.
  • Keep it friendly and civil (letters will not be published if they are inappropriate).
  • Include your full name, address and telephone number for verification purposes (only name and residency will be published).

Send the letters to Terry.Parris@patch.com with the subject line "Letter to the Editor." You may also include any relevant photographs with your message if you're so inclined.

Danville Patch isn't just a news site; we're here to also create community dialogue. So the next time something turns your face red or brings a tear to your eye, think of the Danville Patch, and write in to tell us about it.

srvusd parent March 05, 2012 at 08:27 PM
Where's the information about the school district taking away quality after school programs in the schools... what's really going on behind the scenes? See the San Ramon or Danville Express & weigh in or go to the board meeting tomorrow Tuesday 7pm 699 Old Orchard Road, Danville.
Terry Parris Jr. March 05, 2012 at 08:31 PM
Thanks srvusd parent. Feel free to drop a recent link or two here from the Express. Also feel free to weigh in yourself and tell us about the issue. Thanks!!
Terry Parris Jr. March 07, 2012 at 11:21 PM
Here's our story from last night, srvusd parent: http://danville.patch.com/articles/childcare-controversy-board-changes-providers-at-three-schools Where do you come down on this issue?


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