The Top Flower Shop is...

The results are in from the readers' choice and the winner for top flower shop goes too...

So you want some flowers? Where do you go? Well, our readers have an opinion.

Last week was the readers' choice for florists in the Danville and Alamo area and the clear winner was ... drum roll please! ... !

This week's and the Alamo Flower Company brought in 46 percent of them. Second place went to with 31 percent and the brought in eight percent.

The poll also had several comments and most of them were in favor of Bloom Artistry.

"Bloom Artistry - Run by Susan Crane is amazing! Why pick up flowers when she'll deliver them to you? Hands down some of the most creative arrangements you could ask for," said reader .

"Bloom Artistry...Susan really delivery's. I have use Bloom Artistry a couple of times and, with confidence, can highly recommend her. Her arrangements and commitment to giving her customers the extras in service make her stand out. And to hear from the people receiving the arrangements, the joy they bring, is value added. Susan is easy to work with and will make your look great in all situations. Bloom Artistry is a must have experience," said another reader .

You can review any of them below by clicking the link:

Thanks for participating!

Next week's readers' choice will be announced Monday.


thomas l andrews April 29, 2012 at 06:06 PM
please tell me how someone can win this contest by such a margin.. and your story contains praise for a flower shop operated out of a home where it is not even a commercial district another home business who has not paid danville lisc.. as your headline said the best place to pick up flowers you can not even do it at the house you praise at least the winner is a legit business and by the way they had a nuice testimonial but you ignored that and gave several to the second place. you owe an apology to the winner, east bay. and the other legit florists where you can pick up flowers.
Terry Parris Jr. April 29, 2012 at 06:26 PM
Thomas: This contest is won by voting for the winner. The winner was the Alamo Flower Company. Congrats to them! I then included comments about Bloom Artistry. I often highlight the business that go the most comments, which was Bloom Artistry.
thomas l andrews April 29, 2012 at 06:38 PM
terry never the less the legit winner had a very nice comment perhaps you should re read it.. lets be clear i have no connection to the winner however.i do know of their generosity. with many many charities that this shop contributes to..and i just thought as the winner instead if three comments for a second place finisher you could at least include the oine for the winner thats all
Terry Parris Jr. April 29, 2012 at 06:49 PM
Thanks Thomas. I read it. It was very nice. But as I said, I like to include comments for the business that pulled in the most comments, which was Bloom Artistry. Since this isn't the end all be all to florists in town (or of any of the topics we list), I try to bring balance to the whole thing by highlighting not JUST the winner. Bloom Artistry had by far the most comments with eight. The Alamo Flower Company had one. So I used a few from Bloom. Alamo Flower Company still won the contest by a large margin. Also -- you can always go to the Alamo Flower Company listing and leave a review of your own. Again, thank you.


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