Schubros Brewery Opening Taproom in San Ramon Saturday

The local startup brewery is focused on growth in 2013.

From Schubros Brewery

When Schubros Brewery opens its much anticipated San Ramon Taproom at 12893 Alcosta Boulevard on Jan. 19th, it will be a watershed moment for the company.

“We’ve been selling now for a half-year, but more than anything else, the Taproom marks our transition from startup to fully functional. It’s a clear statement -- “With the community’s help, we’re now up and running, and San Ramon is homebase.’” said Ian Schuster, Schubros’ President. 

A year ago, Schubros Brewery first gained recognition when they unconventionally turned to hometown San Ramon and surrounding communities for help in raising startup capital, introducing their  ‘YIMBY -- Yes In My BackYard’ campaign. 

Through those financing efforts Schubros gained the support of over 20 local investors, raising the funds necessary to get started brewing. 

“It was a real victory for grassroots finance,” Schuster said.

Since then, they’ve surged ahead. From two entrepreneurs and an idea, Schubros poured its first pint this past Father’s Day, and quickly made its presence known.  

Seven people now support the company’s growth, as they expand their coverage area and introduce bottled beer to their originally all-draught product line. 

“Now that we’ve surpassed our 2012 goal of getting on shelf or tap at 100 locations, we’re looking to start off 2013 with growth in mind. Not just survival anymore,” said Mike Hall, Chief Sales Officer.

“And that is why our taproom will prove so important,” continued Hall.  “As we grow, this will be the anchor of our community engagement and focus -- a tangible location where we can talk to and meet our customers; get to know them and learn what they like and don’t like. Something to keep our hearts and mind always in San Ramon, even as sales stretch beyond it.”

“This is a great way to interact with the community and develop a local flavor,” added Brewmaster Mike Johannsen. “Our new Research and Development Center is being built right on the other side of the taproom wall. I’ll be trying out new beers, which we’ll need only ship about 4 feet over to where we’ll test them out. Patrons get one-of-a-kind beers, and we get near instant feedback.” 

Beyond the physical manifestation of the taproom, Schubros has also made its community mark in many other ways. 

Schubros is giving 1 percent of their core beer revenues to various local charitable causes, and have already raised thousands of dollars for local education via auctioned and raffled off “Beer-Food Pairing Dinners.” 

Schubros has been very active with the military community, partnering with the Blue Star Moms, Gold Star Moms, and Sentinels of Freedom to assist military servicemembers and their families. Even more recently, they teamed up with the USS Hornet (a retired US Navy Aircraft Carrier) in Alameda to host the 113th Army-Navy game in the aircraft hangerbay, in what is already looking to become an annual tradition.

San Ramon meanwhile, and northern Alcosta boulevard in specific, has seen a recent surge in beer-culture. 

Six months ago, when Schubros opened, there was only the Hopyard in Marketplace that stood out as the clear outlet for the beer connoisseur. Since then however two further casual dining restaurants  have opened, Firehouse No. 37 and a new Buffalo Wild Wings, each with over 30 beers on tap. 

“With craft sales twice what they were 5 or 6 years ago, the surging popularity of good beer is undeniable,” explained Schuster.  “And that was despite the recession! I can’t wait to see what happens when the economy starts to grow again.”

Ian Schuster January 19, 2013 at 01:06 AM
Actually, it's not in Marketplace. It's to the North, in between Crow Canyon and Norris Canyon, next to C&J Fencing. If you're coming from Crow Canyon it's on the right, 3 driveways past the Post Office.
Patrick Creaven January 19, 2013 at 09:31 PM
Corrected, thanks Ian.
Chris January 22, 2013 at 11:11 PM
Schubros is a high quality Brewery run by some down to earth guys. Each member of the staff was accessable and had good insight into their part of the operation. My fiancee and I literally chatted with everyone for two hours while learning about the brewery. Good beer + good people = good times. I can't wait to taste what comes next from the R&D Center.


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