New Walnut Creek Film Society to Screen 'Joyeux Noel"

In conjunction with the Walnut Creek Library Foundation, Mountain Shadow Film Society will present an encore screening of 'Joyeux Noel,' a 2005 best foreign film Oscar and Golden Globe nominee from France.

Written and directed by Christian Carion, this 116-minute film with English sub-titles re-creates an actual historic incident from WWI that took place on the front lines on Christmas, 1914; when German, British, French and Belgian troops initiated a spontaneous and unsanctioned armistice on Christmas day. 

Rated PG-13, the film will be shown once on Friday evening, Dec. 20, 7:30 PM, in the Oak View Room of Walnut Creek’s downtown public library. Admission is free, with a maximum capacity seating for the first 150 attendees. 

Mountain Shadow is the new non-profit start-up film society that will bring foreign and independent films back to Walnut Creek, since the departure last year of Ciné-Arts and the old Dome theater.

Due to the capacity of the first year’s venue in the Walnut Creek library, Mountain Shadow has received more than half of the 150 available memberships since it began a few weeks ago.

The $120 annual fee provides an evening screening each month for a full year, including a foreign or independent film otherwise not available in our area, as well as an award-winning short film. More information is available at http://mountainshadow.org, or contacting John Bennison, jb@mountainshadow.org or 925.787.6965


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