Alamo Origami Master Did Today's Google Doodle

Robert J. Lang, a master origami artist, produced today's Google home page image in honor of Akira Yoshizawa, considered the father of modern origami.

Have you gone to Google today? Of course you have, it's Google.

Anyway, check out the main image, the Google "doodle." It's origami and it's honoring Akira Yoshizawa, considered the father of modern origami. Yoshizawa died in 2005.

But the artist behind the "doodle" is Alamo resident and master origami artist Dr. Robert J. Lang.

Lang wrote a piece for the Google blog about today's "doodle" and Yoshizawa.

When I was first approached by Google to help create a doodle commemorating Yoshizawa’s work, I jumped at the chance. Google set the parameters of the design: the Google logo, of course, but to be folded with origami and then decorated with examples of Yoshizawa's designs.

I created examples of two logo styles for Google to choose from: one in a classic origami style and a more three-dimensional version based on pleats. Google liked the pleated version, so I set about designing and folding the rest.

You can read the entire blog post here.

We also wrote about Lang in 2010. Check out that piece .

Shout out to reader Lynda Manstrom for the tip!

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Terry Parris Jr. March 14, 2012 at 06:45 PM
Editors Note: This was sent out as a breaking news alert by mistake. Sorry about that, faithful readers!


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