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The Rites of Rockridge Spring

Share your photos of what's blooming already in your garden.

Springtime in Rockridge always seems to begin at the tail end of January, when the flowering plum trees begin to bloom — followed by other ornamental fruit trees, the occasional redbud and a local favorite, the tulip magnolia (shown in the attached photo, photographed this week).

With this year's exceptionally sunny January and February weather, even roses are flowering around the neighborhood.

Share your photos of early bloomers in your garden by clicking on the "Upload Phtoos and Video" button above, or tell us how your garden is faring in the comments section below.

Note for gardeners: The tulip magnolia, also known as Magnolia soulangiana, tulip tree or saucer magnolia, is generally available in several varieties at East Bay nurseries in sizes from five to 15-gallon containers. They are deciduous trees with multiple trunks that can grow to 25 feet tall, with an equally wide spread. 

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