Hap Magee Dog Park Closes Until March

Newly-installed 'hybrid sod' needs a few months to take root before the popular large dog park can be reopened.

Hap Magee Dog Park. Danville Patch file photo.
Hap Magee Dog Park. Danville Patch file photo.


Town of Danville Maintenance Services staff have completed the installation of 16,800 square feet of new hybrid sod at the large dog park at Hap Magee Ranch Park. 

The sod will replace turf which had become worn out through use at the popular Danville park.

The sod that was installed is a bermuda/rye grass mixture, said maintenance services director Jed Johnson. The bermuda is a more resilient grass, which should hold up better to the excessive wear and tear that the area receives. The rye grass takes hold when the bermuda grass tends to go dormant.

Residents are reminded that the dog park is closed to use over the winter for the annual moratorium. The closure gives staff time to make needed repairs and to install amenities like the new sod.

Maintenance Services Director Jed Johnson said it is very important for the new sod to have time to take root before it sees use. The dog park is scheduled to reopen on March 1, 2014.

“We are aware of how popular the dog park is to our residents,” Johnson said, “but we are asking that residents honor the moratorium and give the sod a chance to be properly established.”

On Thursday December 12, 2013, Maintenance Services staff will install additional fencing around the large dog park in order to protect the new sod.

For more information, contact Maintenance Services Director Jed Johnson at (925) 314-3450 or jjohnson@danville.ca.gov.


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